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TYPO3 Usergroup Meeting in Münster

We weren’t too many. But it was absolutely great and useful. Why? Read on!

Updated on Nov 11, 2015


Crazy day for a TYPO3 meeting, one day before the new TYPO3 7 LTS version is released. But, nevertheless, we had a short look at the new manual of the new system extension fluid_styled_content. And we skimmed over Patrick Lobacher’s and Michael Schams’ “What’s new slides”, the Release notes 7.6 (PDF)

Exchanging Knowledge

This is what we mostly do: Show stuff we are working on right now, talk about developments, frameworks, about what does work and what doesn’t. Shopware? Yes, great for B2C, but beware of B2B situations! And give your server power!

What intrigued me:

  • Ah, Angular.js is “by Google”! This is of some importance to me.
  • Often seen Angular.js, what how does deployment really look like? Ah, what a help: There is Yeoman, “the web’s scaffolding tool for modern webapps”.
  • And how do you connect with databases and other web apps in a webpage driven by Angular? Use a REST-Api to fetch Json results!
  • And, hah, that’s cool: We saw a real life example where content maintainance is done by the customer in a TYPO3 backend. And on special pages an Angular.js application is additionally loaded. There are some hurdles, but it looks great!

Peanuts and Beer


Bottom Line

Very useful again. You can’t acquire this kind of knowledge alone in a single lifetime!

See you next time!

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