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PHP Syntax Highlighting in Sphinx

Sphinx uses ‘Pygments’ for syntax highlighting. And Pygments does a syntax check first. For PHP this check only succeeds for code starting with <?php unless you call Pygments with the parameter startinline=True. Problem: Sphinx will not let you specify that parameter. Solution: Add some lines to to change the default behavior of the PHPLexer in Pygments.

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Sphinx-Doc Installation Steps

This post is about how to install the Sphinx documentation tools on your machine and how to get going with the first steps. Having done this you can render TYPO3 documentation projects at the commandline. For Linux, Mac and Windows. This post will be updated as needed.

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Basic Installation of Sphinx and Ablog

With Sphinx and Ablog you can generate static files for your weblog from reStructuredText. This post explains the basics of the installation.

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A Decoder for objects.inv

A new commandline tool to decode Sphinx inventories.

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