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TYPO3 Documentation: What’s Version 0.0?

I’m working on a new theme for the TYPO3 documentation. If you want to learn about the details of that work see my notes. The theme isn’t deployed yet. But individual manuals are available with that new theme on a manual and experimental basis already.

Updated on Jul 30, 2015


The new theme is already very good:

  • responsive
  • nice looking
  • well readable
  • uses Share and OpenSourceSans fonts

In some manuals I’ve put a Sitemap link on the frontpage already.

Best of all, the search works and has autocompletion. It offers all known word stems that Sphinx has collected.

Every now and then I take the time to render a manual locally and upload it to the docs server. To not interfere with existing stuff there it has a version number 0.0 though it’s the latest version at the moment that is uploaded.

TypoScript Reference

So to find the TypoScript Reference with the new rendering choose version 0.0 if you are on docs.typo3.org:

Choose version 0.0 the find the special rendering of the latest version

Or go directly to http://docs.typo3.org/typo3cms/TyposcriptReference/0.0/

Rendered with the new theme

Most Important

  1. The search is working. Follow the autocompletion:

    Autocompletion shows the wordstems that Sphinx collects
  2. Search results show exactly the pages that match:

    All matching pages are shown
  3. The search words are highlighted on the matching page:

    Highlighted search words


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