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TYPO3 Contribution Howto

A post about that important Contribution_Walkthrough_Tutorials in the Wiki - which is a link that I have to look up again and again myself and thus note here!

Updated on Apr 02, 2015

Code reviews

The TYPO3 community maintains a lot of projects on git.typo3.org and uses a Git/Gerrit workflow for code reviews. In addition the tickets on forge.typo3.org are closely linked with that process.

Great - but difficult!

All this is great - but not easy for newcomers. Even experienced users frequently will have to look up some of the howtos.


Fortunately there is a great wiki resource that covers all the little details and is kept up to date by the team:

To the rescue: The Contribution Walkthrough Tutorials in the Wiki:
Contribution Walkthrough Tutorials in the Wiki

Go to these Contribution Walkthrough Tutorials in the Wiki

Hint: Command line on Linux/MacOS is where the howto actually starts and is important for Windows users as well! The following chapter Command line on Windows should only be seen as additional information.

Often needed:

curl -o .git/hooks/commit-msg \
   "https://typo3.org/fileadmin/resources/git/commit-msg.txt" && \
   chmod +x .git/hooks/commit-msg

# git push origin HEAD:refs/for/<release-branch>
git push origin HEAD:refs/for/master

# git config --global url."ssh://<username>@review.typo3.org:29418".pushInsteadOf git://git.typo3.org
git config --global branch.autosetuprebase remote

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