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About Kickstarting TYPO3 Extensions

My notes about using the kickstarter to create TYPO3 extensions go here. Will be updated as needed.

Updated on Apr 15, 2015


Extension Starter

About fieldnames

Attention: Do not use fieldnames from this list of reserved names and words. Copy-pasted from the kickstarter for 6.2 at 2015-03-27. version git checkout #3a82a4c:

uid, pid, endtime, starttime, sorting, fe_group, hidden, deleted, cruser_id, crdate, tstamp, type, accessible, action, add, all, alter, analyze, and, as, asc, asensitive, before, between, bigint, binary, bit, blob, both, by, call, cascade, case, change, char, character, check, collate, column, condition, constraint, continue, convert, create, cross, current_date, current_time, current_timestamp, current_user, cursor, database, databases, date, day_hour, day_microsecond, day_minute, day_second, dec, decimal, declare, default, delayed, delete, desc, describe, deterministic, distinct, distinctrow, div, double, drop, dual, each, else, elseif, enclosed, enum, escaped, exists, exit, explain, false, fetch, float, float4, float8, for, force, foreign, from, fulltext, grant, group, having, high_priority, hour_microsecond, hour_minute, hour_second, if, ignore, in, index, infile, inner, inout, insensitive, insert, int, int1, int2, int3, int4, int8, integer, interval, into, is, iterate, join, key, keys, kill, leading, leave, left, like, limit, linear, lines, load, localtime, localtimestamp, lock, long, longblob, longtext, loop, low_priority, master_ssl_verify_server_cert, match, mediumblob, mediumint, mediumtext, middleint, minute_microsecond, minute_second, mod, modifies, natural, no, not, no_write_to_binlog, null, numeric, on, optimize, option, optionally, or, order, out, outer, outfile, precision, primary, procedure, purge, range, read, reads, read_only, read_write, real, references, regexp, release, rename, repeat, replace, require, restrict, return, revoke, right, rlike, schema, schemas, second_microsecond, select, sensitive, separator, set, show, smallint, spatial, specific, sql, sqlexception, sqlstate, sqlwarning, sql_big_result, sql_calc_found_rows, sql_small_result, ssl, starting, straight_join, table, terminated, text, then, time, timestamp, tinyblob, tinyint, tinytext, to, trailing, trigger, true, undo, union, unique, unlock, unsigned, update, usage, use, using, utc_date, utc_time, utc_timestamp, values, varbinary, varchar, varcharacter, varying, when, where, while, with, write, xor, year_month, zerofillReserved

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