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A Question about SVG

At the moment this problem keeps me busy. Can you help?


The question is: Why aren’t there links?

The following image of type SVG (scalable vector graphics) has links in it. But the links don’t work in the browser. I tested with Chrome and Firefox. The image is included with an <img> tag. If you open only the graphic in a separate window the links DO work. I want them ALWAYS to work. How can I achieve this?

Try Yourself

  1. See this SVG image:

  2. Hover over the words and shapes: There are no links:

    Links of SVG don't work
  3. Now open the graphic in a separate browser window:

    Click here to open - only the SVG! - in a new window

  4. Hover over words and shapes: Links do work!

    Links of SVG DO work in this case

Solution desired: Can you help?

How can I make the hyperlinks of a SVG work when it’s shown as an image in HTML context?

Someone out there who can help? Would be great!

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