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Get in Touch with Python: iPython and Ansible

Proposal for a session at the TYPO3 developer days July 16-19, 2015 (T3DD15) at Nürnberg.

Session Proposal

See the slides!

Python is a high level general programming language. What you get from it is fun, productivity and satisfaction! If I were to drop programming languages one by one I would give up Python last.

In our TYPO3 community we rarely talk about Python. Which is a pity as it’s very easy to start with and it can take you to any level.

You may have heard that major parts of the TYPO3 documentation tools are Python based. Other than that you probable come across Python when you start using tools like Ansible or SaltStack. You will feel much more comfortable with those tools if you have some understanding of Python.

I think I would start with a presentation to give an overview and introduction. Then I’d focus on the interactive features of Python. Interactivity is one of the reasons why Python is so much used by scientist all over the world. For me iPython is the most advanced tool to use Python interactively. iPython is fantastic: it knocks me off my feet. And you’ll be using it to learn fast.

Ansible could be the next usecase. Right now I’m starting with Ansible and I can tell already that I definitely want to dig into that. So, maybe we go and set up a TYPO3 server with Ansible? As a vagrant box on your machine?

Updated on May 04, 2015: Specifically I mean iPython Notebook.

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