May 20, 2015 Tag: Security

Perfect Service

Yubikey NEO and a Security Hole

I have on of those Yubikey Neo usb sticks that are hyped so much these days to find out how things work in reality. The idea of a movable device that is able to store AND USE a PGP key securely has intrigued me for quite a while.

And then there popped up bad news just in that area: A security flaw had been discovered and Yubico published a SecurityAdvisory 2015-04-14.

Perfect Service by MTRIX

I had bought my Yubikey NEO at MTRIX. So I send them an email and asked them what to do. I was very pleased to hear that they offer a straightforward solution: They immediately send me a replacement stick without the bug and added a prepaid envelope for returning the old one. That’s perfect service, guys!

MTRIX immediately has sent me this replacement and a reply-paid envelope

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